Taking a (Forced) Rest

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I’ve never been a person who likes to rest. Sitting still and being quiet? Definitely not my strong suits, unless I’m reading a great book. So when I caught a cold (it was bound to happen – I know about 12 people who are sick right now), my first reaction was frustration. I knew what was coming: the inevitable ‘need to take it easy, to…rest’. Ugh.

Sunday and Monday brought the worst of it, bad enough on Monday that I had to take a day off work. Being me, I’d tried to start the day at work, but two hours into staring at a computer screen with a pounding headache, I knew the time had come. I had to go home, and have a day of taking it easy.

At first I was going crazy. Tired, not hungry (ME? Not hungry? You know I must be sick, haha.), wanting to keep moving but feeling too exhausted to do so. I put a movie on and laid down. All I wanted to do was get my daily workout in, to make sure my pedometer would read 10,000 steps by the end of the day. But I couldn’t. And I fought that notion for a while.

Until something clicked in my brain. Missing one day of working out was not going to kill me. Having a nap was not the end of the world. Taking a day off work was something I’d been wanting for a while. I’d been going hard for a while now, refusing to rest in case I missed out on something. This cold was my body’s way of telling me to slow down.

While I wasn’t necessarily happy about it, I knew it to be true. I did need to slow down. Take stock of things.

See, our bodies know when we’ve been handling too much, and they’ll try to tell us in whatever way they can. We need to listen, the message is important. Whether it’s slowing down from an injury, a cold, or something else, sometimes a rest is going to do so much better for you than fitting in that extra work out.

Now I feel good enough that I’m heading to the pool tonight to do some water kickboxing. Had I continued to fight resting, I know I wouldn’t be feeling well enough. Don’t be afraid to listen to your body – everyone needs a rest at some point. Trust it.

Meg Ogilvie

Megan is part of the Marketing department at a local Christian radio station in Ontario, Canada. Always one for an adventure, you can usually find her out travelling (2014 brought trips to Thailand, Scotland, and some Northern United States), on mini adventures with friends (baking misfortunes and beach volleyball included), or reading one of the latest novels. Up until recently, her weight set her back from being able to do all the things she wanted to. But it was one hot day in July 2012 when she decided enough was enough, and began making small changes, from more veggies and less simple carbs, to joining a soccer team and taking up kickboxing. Currently down 50lbs, and on her way to completing another 60lbs, she's trying to balance losing weight and daily life.

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